Virtual Trade Show Checklist

The canceling or postponement of in-person events like conferences and trade shows left a huge dent in many companies' sales numbers in 2020. And it may continue to do so even as things open back up in the coming year, since it's likely these events will see diminished attendance for the foreseeable future.

That's why virtual events are more important now than ever. Many popular events have already shifted to an entirely digital format, and some companies have been hosting their own virtual trade shows and booth experiences over the last few months to continue driving sales and increase their market share.

If you're looking to make up for lost time (and sales) by hosting a virtual event of your own in 2021, here's a checklist of 12 important questions you need to ask yourself throughout the planning process!

Virtual Trade Show Solutions

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To learn more about virtual solutions that can help your business survive — and thrive — in the "new normal," check out our brand new Virtual Solutions Guide. It offers actionable ways to create a solid virtual strategy to continue selling and gaining market share through virtual experiences.

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