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Your consumers’ wants and needs should be the driving force behind all your marketing decisions. How do you learn what your customers want? Research.

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Stay Relevant. Let Research Guide Your Brand Strategy. 

We have on-boarded a suite of innovative tech platforms that connect us to to over 240M consumers in North America, with a detailed understanding of their demographics, geographics, behaviors, and overall lifestyle. We leverage this on a daily basis to inform all our brand and creative ideas.

These consumer research tools allow us to survey, poll and monitor your audience, and the market, to gain valuable insights on everything that is important to making strategic decisions about branding, creative and messaging.

Our goal is to help you better understand your position in the market and the perceptions of your brand among your target audience. We will provide you with valuable insights that can inform brand strategies and help you better connect with your customers, ultimately lowering your acquisition costs, and increasing your customer lifetime value.

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An Effective Brand Story Starts With Research 


  • We subscribe to a top-of-the-line consumer intelligence platform to gain insight into consumer trends and behaviors
  • We perform interviews with internal and external stakeholders
  • We conduct online surveys that are hyper-targeted to your specific audience
  • We collect information through attitudinal, psychographic, and in-depth consumer research surveys
  • We marry analytics with creativity to create targeted branding and marketing campaigns
  • We utilize online focus groups 
  • When necessary, we’ll employ guerilla research and find ways to speak directly with the target where they shop and congregate 
  • We have a vetted partner network for more extensive market research initiatives

Our Philosophy on Research for Brand Strategy

It’s all too simple to become biased about who you think your customer is, and what the market needs and trends are. If it’s been a long time since you’ve checked in with real-world consumers, you could be using misplaced assumptions to guide your branding and marketing strategies. At Overskies, we carry out our due diligence to gain insights that drive every decision we make for your brand. 

For 30+ years, we’ve been getting it done for our clients and our partners. We never rely on assumptions to make decisions for our clients. We use data and consumer research to guide our branding strategies to improve customer retention and new customer acquisition. 

Whether your company is looking for a brand refresh or trying to find your voice, Overskies can help. Talk to our team about how we can perform detailed consumer research to strengthen your identity and positioning in the digital marketplace.   


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