Our philosophy on the use of AI in business and society.

While AI promises to create a significant positive change in business and society, it also poses many challenges like job displacement and potential privacy issues.

At Overskies, we believe it's crucial to engage in candid discussions on how to leverage this transformative technology's potential without doing any damage. 

So, after countless hours of research and listening to many experts in the field, we have created clear principles, policies and procedures on how we'll use AI responsibly. One of our guiding organizations when it comes to AI is the Marketing AI Institute (MAICON), which inspired these principles. 

We hope you will contribute toward the responsible application of AI in your organization and industry.

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Our AI Principles


  1. We believe that AI has the power to do much good in the world, when used responsibly and with a human-focused approach.

  2. We believe that each decision to bring AI into our workflow, product and culture should be done with responsible thinking, development and deployment.

  3. We believe that humans must stay in control, and in the mix, each step of the way.

  4. We believe that AI can empower our team to do better work and live more fulfilling lives.  

  5. We believe that AI technologies should be assistive, not autonomous. 

  6. We believe that humans remain accountable for all decisions and actions, even when assisted by AI. 

  7. We believe that there is no substitute for human emotions, experiences and knowledge. Our imaginations and creativity will always be what separates us and guides our thinking and our work.

  8. We believe in promoting our employees' career paths and in general, to create opportunities for creative professionals.

  9. We commit to never knowingly use generative AI technology and outputs to deceive, or for the sole purpose of financial gain, or to spread false information or propaganda. 

  10. We believe in continuing education in all things AI, including its limitations, dangers and most beneficial use-cases. 

  11. We will always be transparent with our usage of AI in order to maintain trust with our audience, clients and stakeholders. 

  12. We will never use confidential information, whether it be our own IP or that information belonging to a client, and input that into an open LLM or piece of AI technology. 

  13. We believe in openly sharing our AI process, policies, research, knowledge, ideas and experiences (outside of any agency and client IP) in order to allow others to be influenced in a positive way, and adopt AI responsibly.

  14. We believe in the importance of upskilling and reskilling professionals, and using AI to build more fulfilling careers and lives.

  15. We believe in partnering with organizations and people who share our principles. 

  16. We believe in considering the environmental impact of AI infrastructure and operations, striving for efficiency and sustainability. (Minimize energy consumption and carbon footprint associated with AI processes.)


How We Use AI Today

While we are constantly learning and tinkering with AI technologies to increase the quality of work, and drive efficiency and performance across all our service offerings, our primary use cases today are in the generative AI space for creative ideation, data mining and research.

We use a collection of AI technology products and SaaS products which leverage AI in the following ways: 


Image Generation for Concept Development

Storyboard Creation for Internal Presentations

Outline Generation and Information Gathering

Copywriting Assistance


Sound Enhancement and Cleanup 


Brand Monitoring and Analysis


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