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Your customers’ brains are processing around 70,000 different thoughts each day. And they are inundated with information at every turn. How can you generate awareness for your brand? Through thoughtful influencer marketing campaigns and user-generated content.

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Build Awareness. Activate Influencer Armies and UGC Marketing Campaigns.

At Overskies, influencer marketing and UGC aren’t just buzzwords. We use data and research to help us create influencer marketing campaigns and user-generated content that connects you to your customers in the most meaningful way possible.

Influencer marketing is imperative to brand campaigns, awareness, and marketing. It acts as a bridge to performance and bottom-funnel activities.

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Influencer Marketing Strategies Done Right.

Standing out on Instagram and Tik Tok might have been easy a few years ago. But today, your customers are smarter. They seek authenticity from every person and brand they follow. So, we leverage influencer marketing in a way that helps you build relationships with your customers.

  • We match you with influencers who align with your values
  • We create custom influencer strategies that match your goals
  • We handle all legal and compliance issues
  • We manage all influencer payments and transactions for your brand
  • We provide tracking and analytics for complete visibility into your campaigns
  • We develop content strategies and creative ideation
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User-Generated Content That Creates Authenticity.

Lately, there has been growing momentum around UGC on all social channels. Consumers crave authenticity and unique content. As a creative marketing agency, we’ve always believed human connection drives brand recognition and trust. By turning your customers into advocates, you can further your reach and find more success through social media.

  • We develop strategies to solicit user-generated content
  • We leverage all types of UGC to expand your reach
  • We get all necessary permissions from content creators
  • We handle all legal and compliance issues
  • We provide tracking and analytics to manage performance

Our Philosophy

For 30+ years, we’ve been getting it done for our clients and partners. We never settle for what’s worked in the past. Instead, we stay on top of every trend and innovation in marketing so we can find new and meaningful ways to drive relationships between our clients and their customers.

We dig into the nitty gritty for our clients, especially when it comes to emerging trends like user-generated content and influencer marketing. We become the experts in creating marketing strategies around what matters most to you! With Overskies, you get creative marketing with a human connection.

Whether you’re starting from the beginning or looking for a new way to approach social media marketing, we can help.


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