CSI Creates Video for World Record Setting Car

Clocking in at over 3 million miles, Irv Gordon’s Volvo P-1800 easily claims the record for the world’s highest mileage car. Almost as impressive is that Castrol GTX motor oil has been the only oil ever used in this legendary vehicle. Needless to say, Castrol was very interested in analyzing the engine’s parts to see what role Castrol GTX had in extending the life of this Volvo P-1800. In order to do this, Castrol commissioned mechanical engineer and 5-time historic racing champion, Duane Matejka, to disassemble and analyze Gordon’s Volvo P-1800 engine. What Duane found was substantial evidence that using Castrol GTX had extended the car’s engine life 20 times longer than expected.

The results spoke for themselves, but the right platform was needed to carry this message to automotive professionals. Castrol turned to The CSI Group to create a promotional video that gave a detailed account of Duane’s analysis and showed the world just how pivotal Castrol GTX was in extending the life of this world record achievement.

CSI handled all creative aspects of the project, from the location scout to the final editing. The team chose to travel to Duane Matejka’s personal garage for the video shoot, capturing him in his element while he surveyed the Volvo’s engine parts. Duane was then brought into a recording studio for a final voice-over. CG also played a huge part in the creation of this piece, showing in great detail various parts of the car’s engine at work. Showing each engine part that was analyzed, in the context of a working engine, affords the viewer a much greater understanding of just how amazing the oil performed, and how a world record was achieved. The setting, paired with Duane’s first person narrative, lends a great sense of authenticity to the video, while thoughtful placement of graphics bolsters the impressive role Castrol GTX played in maintaining the life of the engine.

BP Lubricants, Castrol’s parent company, was so pleased with the product that they are rolling it out globally in over a dozen unique markets. The CSI Group prides itself on this success and the resulting success of all of our clients.

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