The Purpose of Company Culture Videos (and 4 Stellar Examples)

None of us are strangers to the term “company culture.” But it’s not just some fancy buzzword. It’s something that has a far-reaching impact, from how seriously job prospects consider working for you to how customers feel about giving you their money.

Your workforce is quite literally a personification of your brand. Their ability to problem-solve, create, inspire, and produce value are all reflective of your company as a whole.

But there’s no way for anyone outside of the company to know it if you don’t show it.

A company culture video can help you bring these real-world skills and impacts to light in inspiring—and sometimes viral—way. And it can be one of the most pivotal pieces of content you create, whether in the context of recruitment or humanizing your brand.

Here is what you need to know about company culture videos, as well as key takeaways we can learn from four stellar examples.

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What Is A Company Culture Video?

While a company culture video is rarely the same from brand to brand, many have common threads weaved throughout.

A company culture video showcases your workforce, their attributes, skills, abilities, and passions in and outside of the office.

Essentially, it illustrates what your company stands for.

Company culture videos should tell the story of both your brand and the people committed to making it better every day.

Take a look at this video we produced for International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF):



This video humanizes a brand in a field that most people don’t even realize exists, and it helps tell the story of the company’s vision.

Typically, vision statements are just that: statements. It’s far more compelling to see actual footage of employees at the company who are working to make that vision a reality.

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The Benefits Of Creating A Company Culture Video

While a company culture video is a great asset to add to your content arsenal, there are many benefits that go beyond creating one just for the sake of having more content.

It Humanizes Your Brand

Some businesses are harder to humanize than others due to pre-existing industry stereotypes and bad past experiences.

We’ve all had to deal with crappy companies and bad customer service. Sometimes it feels like certain industries are more prone to it, relying on shortcuts like call centers and confusing FAQs if they offer any help to their customers at all.

A good company culture video can help break through these pre-existing notions and communicate your business’s true goals and vision, humanizing your brand and turning it into something interesting and compelling in the eyes of the customer.

Zappos is a prime example of this. One might automatically assume that a large e-commerce company that sells thousands and thousands of shoes online might be difficult to deal with. But check out their company culture video:



Fred Mossler from Zappos says: 

“We’ve always felt that competitors could always copy our selection or shipping, but one thing that could never be copied is our company culture.”

Throughout the video, the Zappos brand becomes more than just an arm of Amazon. When people think Amazon customer service, they often think of frustration and roadblocks. But this video breaks that notion by displaying real Zappos employees in their daily lives, showcasing what they love about working for Zappos.

While they may not be the most unique business in terms of product, they humanize their brand by showing actual humans, making them relatable to consumers worldwide.

Employer Branding and Recruiting Top Talent

Beyond the general branding of your business, company culture videos can help showcase your company as an amazing place to work.

Nobody wants to work for a boring company, sitting at a boring desk, working with boring people. Well, maybe some do, but you probably don’t want those people on your staff.

Company culture videos excel at showcasing your employee satisfaction and cultivating a specific “vibe” for your business to recruit new talent.

A great example of this is BambooHR’s "Work/Life Balance" video: 


The entire video serves to showcase what life is like at BambooHR:

  • Tough, but rewarding
  • Creative and inspiring
  • Promoting a hard-working environment, but encouraging people to be active and spend time with family

Not only is this video a great tool for recruiting top talent, it also humanizes their business and takes the boring HR niche to new heights.

Recruiting top talent means having a company culture that isn’t just about work. It’s about lifestyle, friends, growth, and learning. And videos like this are the perfect way to show yours off to the world.

Telling A Brand Story Beyond Products and Services

Having a mission beyond capitalistic goals is critical to success in this day and age. Modern consumers and workers alike want to connect with brands that make a difference in the world, not just money.

More than ever, having a clear and impactful mission is vastly important. 66% of consumers in America say they would spend more money with a brand that directly helps sustainability. 81% of millennials expect brands to make public statements on social issues.

Social responsibility is more prevalent than ever before, and it’s impacting brands globally. Creating great products is one thing, but changing the world around you is what drives growth and customer loyalty.

A prime example of a brand story that goes beyond product and service is Google’s "Women At Google" culture video:



As Yolanda Mangolini, Director of Global Diversity Talent, says in the video:

“When you think about Google’s mission, it’s to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible. And there is no way we can deliver on that mission unless our workforce reflects the diversity of our users.”

Google’s company culture goes far beyond promoting its search engine. It digs deep into what makes Google...well, Google. It ties into their employees, their diversity, and their strengths, and connects it all back to their brand ethos: helping to categorize the world’s info and give everyone access to it.

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How Are You Leveraging Your Company Culture?

More than ever before, people want brands to do more than just make money and grow for their shareholders.

People wants brands with extended impact in local communities, social causes, and global events. They want brands that have a distinct company culture teeming with life. They want to know that there are fellow human beings on the other side.

Beyond word of mouth, company culture videos can be key in showcasing your employees, their passions, desires, and impact on the brand as a whole.

People trust people. And when people trust your people, they will trust your brand.

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