Programmatic Display Advertising Goes High-Impact

These day, there is a host of new high-impact ad experiences that can be placed programmatically, offering exciting new functionality for advertisers.

Programmatic display advertising is no longer just banners and native ads. Rather, it now includes dynamic and immersive ad experiences that can educate and entertain an extremely targeted group of customers at scale.

Here are some examples of emerging ad formats that have become available:

delonghiHotspot Ads

Go from inspiration to information with ads that allow users to rollover hotspots embedded within the ad. Each hotspot reveals a pop-up of text that provides more information about specific product features making these ads ideal for new product launches or updates.


interactive ad exampleInteractive 3D Ads

Showcase more than just a static product image by embedding an interactive 3D feature within the ad. This allows users to spin or move a realistic 3D product by dragging a mouse or finger to explore different angles.


scratch and reveal ad exampleScratch & Reveal Ads

Dynamic scratch and reveal ads allow brands to prompt users to interact with the ad and offer them surprise. Users can either roll their mouse or finger over a section of the ad to reveal something underneath such as a sale, new product feature, color or surprise announcement.


discovery ad exampleDiscovery Ads

This uniquely informative experience empowers brands to embed a research feature directly in an ad and then capture the data. Discovery ads feature questions, polls or surveys and prompt users to provide their feedback.


mobile breakout ad exampleBreakout Ads

Mobile ads that literally “break out” on the bottom of the screen by animating and expanding to a 640x300 ad size, then collapse after 3 sections to a 640x100. Ideal for advertisers that are looking to immediately grab the attention of heavy mobile users to drive more memorable experiences.


*Note, ad formats and publisher sites vary by executions shown.

Be sure to consider these high-impact opportunities for your brand's next programmatic ad campaign!


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