CSI Produces Global B2B Marketing Campaign with Konica Minolta

With a client base that spans the globe, Konica Minolta has an award-winning legacy of innovative business solutions. For their latest business-to-business marketing campaign, Konica turned to The CSI Group to create a polished, professional video showcasing how Konica is a true partner to their clients. To capture this collaborative spirit and highlight Konica’s Vcare business hub services, CSI went on location to see how two of Konica’s biggest clients – the New York Giants and Martiz Travel – benefit from that partnership and support.

Two location shoots, both in Philadelphia and New Jersey, captured footage using Sony F5 and FS7 cameras. Interviews with the Vice President of Operations at Maritz Travel, and the New York Giants Coaching Assistant feature the professionals in their own workplace. Their narrative communicates a broad spectrum of in-house demands that today’s businesses are faced with, as well as real-life examples of how Konica’s support and Vcare technology has improved their workflow.

In both locations, CSI also shot B-roll to further bolster the message of the video. Konica printing centers and materials are shown in use, offering dynamic visual context for examples of Vcare solutions heard referenced in the interviews. All aspects of pre- and post-production were handled in house – from script writing to creating a clean, color graded final edit with Adobe Premier Pro. Additional treatment utilized Adobe After Effects to create title animations and reinforce information and directive points from the video’s voice-over.

To ensure the broadest reach for their client, CSI also created an iteration of the Vcare video for Konica’s Global market. This version interspersed International B-roll and an executive from the Lyonnais football club in France, ensuring the campaign has the broadest reach to potential clients.

The CSI Group prides itself in providing personalized and engaging solutions for our clients; contact us at hello@thecsigroup.com or visit our website at thecsigroup.com to see what we can do for you.

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