Getting Competitive for a Good Cause

If you hang around CSI HQ long enough, you might notice that we get a bit...extra sometimes.

This is especially true when it comes to beating each other at stuff. While fairly mild-mannered on the outside, it turns out half of the agency is competitive AF. So, when our president Rich decided to kick off a new team-building tradition with a pub-style trivia game, needless to say, things got really REAL.

But this was no ordinary battle of wits—the event, hosted by Impact 4 Good, actually involved building bicycles for local kids through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rockland County.

With thinking caps planted firmly on our heads, we went toe-to-toe answering questions about the agency, bicycles, and pop culture to earn parts and tools, which were then used to assemble the bikes.

CSI team-building event

The four recipients of the bikes were invited to HQ to receive their bikes as a reward for excelling at school.

Here's the catch. None of us knew this was happening at all. Rich wanted to surprise us all because he’s sneaky like that.

The kids themselves thought they were attending a career day, so basically, there was a lot of gasping and a little bit of ugly crying on our part when the BBBS reps presented the bikes to the kids.

Afterward, we all stuffed our faces with goodies from the Rockland Roots food truck, which provides a farm-to-table experience on the go with local, organic ingredients. 

Check out this video that our senior producer, Stephen, put together for the event:

So, that’s the short but sweet story of how CSI went from yelling at each other over mundane bicycle questions to making a difference in kids’ lives.

Honestly, we can’t WAIT until we can do it again.

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