Overskies Developing Branded Content for the Oculus Rift DK2

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Overskies is extremely excited to be one of the first agencies to receive the latest Oculus Development Kit, and our development team is looking forward to creating compelling brand experiences for our clients.

dk2-productUtilizing the cutting-edge features the DK2 is equipped with, such as positional tracking, a quick refresh rate, HD resolution and more, will allow us to take our augmented reality capabilities to the next level. Additional improvements upon the DK1 are lower latency, higher frame rate, increased resolution and low persistence. All of these features combined allow for realistic gameplay experiences and a more natural user experience overall. The device offers an immersive experience for users, by placing them in the forefront of digital environments.

The virtual reality community is now stronger than ever before and more content has been created for VR in the past year than in the last twenty years. With the accurate movement sensors and fluid user experience, we are looking forward to educating clients on how the Oculus can be used to increase customer engagement.

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