CSI Creates Campaign For Konica Minolta's Snap MD Platform


When Konica Minolta was ready to launch their new Telehealth Technology Platform, SnapMD, they turned to The CSI Group to power their campaign. SnapMD is a brand-new, virtual care management system that allows patients to log on from any web-enabled device, offering new flexibility and access to healthcare for patients and providers alike. Konica Minolta needed this progressive platform’s many features to be communicated in a way that would be highly informative yet easy to absorb.

First, CSI used vector graphics to develop an eye-catching, information-rich infographic highlighting the various touch points of SnapMD. The product’s many advantages and ease-of-use are clearly illustrated, visually showcasing why it is such a great choice for Healthcare professionals and patients alike. The message is straightforward, on-brand and easy to grasp.

An engaging video was then produced providing a high-level overview of SnapMD for Konica to distribute to clinicians and health facility professionals. 2D animation brings the custom infographic’s icons to life with clean, smooth transitions calling attention to the platform’s myriad of benefits. The case is made swiftly and effectively to depict SnapMD as the best solution for evolving healthcare needs without the video ever becoming overwhelming or dry.

The Creative and Video teams at CSI executed all aspects of this project, including concept development, scriptwriting and animation; the result is a smart and successful campaign for our clients at Konica Minolta and engaging content to support the launch of their brand-new telehealth platform.

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