New Tech: CRM People-Based Targeting via LiveRamp

We wanted to share a new programmatic feature that we’ve been playing with here at Overskies. By leveraging LiveRamp’s IdentityLink Retrieval API, we can now provide advertisers and marketers the ability to onboard and activate their CRM audiences and serve them programmatic ads. 


This all happens at the device level and is based on deterministic data. The technology allows us to reach customers across multiple channels.  

In addition to providing the ability to leverage CRM data for targeting on the open Web, LiveRamp also allows us to offer several unique capabilities:

  • Near Real-Time Audiences: Harness your CRM data, including emails, names, phone numbers, and postal addresses, and have it matched to create new audience segments for targeting. This makes wider audiences readily available for launching time-sensitive campaigns or incentives.

  • Privacy-First & Secure: LiveRamp removes personally identifiable information (PII) and replaces it with pseudonymous record keys during the matching process so data can be used with confidence.

  • Full Control: Working with our self-serve DSP (StackAdapt), our clients maintain full control over their CRM data. All data that is uploaded is obfuscated before it is activated through LiveRamp.

  • Add-on with Intent Data: Combined with our access to Bombora’s B2B database and intent signals, we can now discover companies and individuals searching for specific products and services, and then advertise directly to their devices through LiveRamp.

By leveraging the power of LiveRamp, we can move further away from cookie-based marketing and closer to a one-to-one match for people-based marketing — less waste and more precision!


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