New Tech: B2B & ABM Programmatic Targeting with Bombora

For B2B marketers, using data is imperative for targeting key accounts and the stakeholders and buyers within them. By doing so, one can create more focused, relevant campaigns that produce less budget waste and higher returns.

More specifically, leveraging engagement data is essential. When layered with search intent data, it enables you to unleash highly targeted campaigns and quick wins in the SQL department. 

By leveraging Bombora, a leading provider of B2B intent data, Overskies is now able to programmatically target B2B and ABM audiences with display, native, video, and other content experiences.

Bombora's Company Surge® technology identifies accounts and stakeholders that are actively searching online for business products and services. This allows us to focus on the most qualified accounts for you based on real-world behavior, which translates into less waste and more personalized targeting. 

Bombora monitors over 2.6 million companies worldwide, so their reach is far and deep. Company Surge® analyzes business content consumption to identify the intensity of research spikes for these targeted organizations. This is considered a buyer intent signal for a certain product or service, meaning you can strike while the iron is hot with a timely, relevant campaign.

By leveraging this along with our DSP, StackAdapt, we have countless capabilities to help deliver full-funnel B2B campaigns that can help boost your revenue. The ABM audiences allow us to target specific accounts from a list or from CRM data on an individual level. When accompanied with a proper persona and employee mapping exercise, we can even target down to individual devices.

We can also create custom audiences from a combination of ABM and Company Surge® data and, using our DSP, deliver multi-channel engagements, surrounding key accounts and buyers with content experiences that promote how your products and services help solve their business issues. 

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