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Three Rules For Creating The Perfect Talent Acquisition Video

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If you work in recruitment or talent acquisition, you’re probably overwhelmed. Things have changed. Gone are the days when potential candidates would rely on the local newspaper or agencies to find a job. The landscape for job-seeking and recruiting has broadened, and social media has taken over.

You probably love LinkedIn, yet many job seekers are finding you through Facebook. You think you are on top of everything, only to find out your entire company was discredited by your ideal candidate merely because your career site is not optimized for mobile—yikes!

It’s important to not lose sight of what’s important: what your company can offer that makes it stand apart. Once you are focused on this point, your next focus should be: “Are we communicating this clearly and concisely?”

That's where the art of video comes in.

Creating compelling talent acquisition videos that sell your employer branding efforts is an engaging way to recruit top talent. Check out the recruitment video we created for Pinnacle Foods as an example:



More than 92% of job seekers are looking on social platforms, with a large majority of them using mobile devices. What better way to engage them than with a well-produced video that sells your company, its culture, its people, and its opportunities?

Here are three rules for creating the perfect talent acquisition video:

1. Sell What’s Real

Recruiting is a strategic endeavor, but don’t overthink it. If you target specific openings or a certain type of skill set, the overall message will get lost. Be real. Take an inside look at what makes your company stand apart and ask yourself: “Why do I like working here?” The answers to this question will be a wonderful guide to what your video should be about.

2. Make Sure You Cast the Right People

It’s about the right energy. It may be tempting to put the best-looking employees, top executives, or someone from each department in your video, but refrain from doing this. Cast the people who have immersed themselves in your company's culture and come out better for it on the other end. If they happen to also be extremely well-spoken, then congratulations, you have the perfect candidate! Your job here is done.

3. Don’t Shove It All In

Choose three words; three words that, once a viewer is done watching your recruitment video, they will inherently feel. Make sure that the questions you are asking each person in front of the camera will elicit answers that speak to these three words.

Let’s say your company is all about Respect, Passion and Ownership—great! Now frame your questions in such a way that the answers naturally achieve the desired result. And don’t worry if someone gets wordy or slightly misses the mark with their answer. During the editing process, you can extract the perfect sound bytes that reinforce the messaging you want to get across to prospective candidates.

These are just a few tips, but we assure you there are a lot more tricks to this trade. Recruiting is a fine art, and you have to wear many hats to do it properly. A well-put-together recruitment video is a very important piece of the puzzle that will help you vet the right prospects. See how this technique worked for Pinnacle Foods and see how it can work for you by reaching out to The CSI Group, your experts in Talent Acquisition Videos.

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