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The Myth Buster

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O’Reilly Auto Parts and Castrol USA needed to educate their audience about the benefits and differences of conventional, synthetic and high mileage motor oils. Because this subject matter can often be complex and technical, they sought to develop a fun way to communicate this complicated, yet important information. It was then that the idea of “The Myth Buster” was born.

The Myth Buster, a character created by The CSI Group, debunks common myths surrounding the different types of motor oils. With a perfect mix of sass, charm and wit, he effortlessly delivers the benefits and differences of motor oils in order to engage the audience. The story was woven throughout three scripts, which were written by The CSI Group. Once we had the stories, we needed to find our Myth Buster. After pouring over many audition tapes and headshots, CSI cast the perfect Myth Buster. The video was shot on location in a Northern New Jersey suburban neighborhood in just one day.

The CSI Group produced and directed the live production with a stellar crew, including DP Mariusz Cichon. Using a Celeb LED lighting package and the Arri Amira camera, CSI was able to shed light into the life of the Myth Buster and how he spends his days debunking the myths of the motor oil world. After shooting was complete, CSI went into post-production, creating a custom 2D motion design package and adding sound effects to complete the story. The resulting piece was a three-part video series (which can be viewed below) that engaged and captivated O’Reilly Managers during their nationwide conference.


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