Promoting Products Through Animated Video

RAB Lighting recently came to The CSI Group in search of a video to promote their break-through new wireless lighting system: LightCloud. Paired with easy set-up and stellar customer support, the LightCloud lighting control system takes a fresh approach to commercial lighting by offering the most intuitive cloud-based technology on the market.

LightCloud offers users a complete solution, and boasts some clear advantages over its competitors. RAB trusted The CSI Group to find a way to convey these selling points without turning the prospective customers off by overcomplicating the message.

Showcasing LightCloud’s technological prowess while highlighting its ease of use presented us with a common challenge in communicating smart products. The viewer should be confident in the product’s quality and benefits it provides to them, but not put off by the details.

So how do we keep the viewer engaged but not overwhelmed?

The solution was to create a light-hearted and captivating video using illustrative animation and custom vector art.

The easy feel of the animation provides an effective medium for the technical aspects of the LightCloud system to be conveyed without too much heft. By setting the tone properly, the viewer can participate from a place of ease.

From there, clean animations and smooth transitions keep your eye while graphically reinforcing the product’s key benefits. RAB Lighting designed LightCloud from the bottom up, with no detail spared. CSI worked closely with RAB Lighting, designing them a video with the same customized care to ensure their message was presented in a clean and effective manner that was informative, engaging and on-brand.

Maintaining the viewer’s participation is the key to success in this product video, with animation that provides a flexible medium to present detailed information. Technology should work for you, drawing prospective customers in by offering a solution to an existing problem.

Let us help your company distill and present information in a way that will make you stand out. The CSI Group prides itself in providing personalized and engaging solutions for our clients; contact us at or visit our website at to see what we can do for you.

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