How Your Company Can Benefit from Marketing Automation

Technology touches just about everything we do today, especially in business. Understanding and taking full advantage of marketing automation allows your company to dramatically increase productivity in sales and marketing.

So, just what is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a suite of tools that can boost existing CRM systems by allowing businesses to get to know their customers more intimately. It does this by providing deeper access to valuable user interaction data and analytics. This data allows you to create detailed and tailored messaging campaigns that speak directly to your customer’s needs and desires.

Listed below are five ways your company can utilize marketing automation effectively.

Nurture Your Leads

Create multi-step campaigns that will guide potential leads from the point-of-entry into your sales funnel, all the way through to the final sale. Marketing automation helps take the guesswork out of the process and allows you to reach customers across multiple channels.

Build Targeted Landing Pages

Now that you know exactly who your website visitors are, you can create goal-specific landing pages. Some may respond to a traditional landing page and others prefer something more robust. The right marketing automation software can help to monitor the results of each landing page you set up.

Track Activity

Marketing automation permits both small and large businesses to create more complex campaigns. It also allows you to track activity among the different channels used. Whether you're analyzing the results from an email blast or a social media campaign, detailed reporting will give you the insights you'll need to succeed.

Sales Team Support

Wouldn't it be great if your sales team could seamlessly track customers and gauge their likelihood to purchase? Through automation software, your sales team can know what your target audience is tweeting about and how they are interacting with emails, so they can have more specific discovery calls.

Clear-Cut Marketing Verticals

Are you getting more leads from social media, email or outbound calls? The answer isn't that simple to uncover without a marketing automation service. You may get a bunch of clicks from social channels or emails, but they don't convert to sales. Or maybe your sales team is making calls that plant a seed that will eventually spark someone to visit your website and place an order. Sales don't always occur immediately and it can be difficult to attribute them to the right vertical without automation. Once you know which vertical is most successful, you'll know where to invest the time.


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