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Ever wonder what goes into making a live action video or what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling? Take a look at this behind-the-scenes making of the Castrol Kasey Keller GTX High Mileage video and find out!

This video was shot over the course of two days on location in the beautiful city of Seattle. Castrol needed a 30 second spot to show in stadium at the 2014 World Cup to announce their strategic partnership with Kasey Keller, one of the greatest soccer goalies of our time. From concept to delivery, Overskies was responsible for every aspect to make this shoot happen. From the initial storyboard concepts, to wardrobe and props to the full-scale production, the team at Overskies handled everything. Over the course of the two day shoot, we captured all of the video footage needed for the spot as well as an interview segment which would be split into ten Q&A vignettes to use online, and still photography both in the studio and at an outside location. We believe in maximizing our clients’ time and budget by capturing as many assets as possible while on location.

So while we may make it look easy, there’s actually a lot that goes into putting together 30 seconds of film.

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