Getting Started with a Digital Signage Solution

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Companies that are looking for new ways to communicate with both customers and employees have found that a digital signage system can work wonders.

Gone are the days of corporate newsletters and intranet bulletins. With businesses operating in increasingly open and collaborative environments, digital signage displays can provide communications that continually update and engage targeted audiences with company news and product information, as well as custom content.

But before you just jump in and purchase displays, media players, and a content management system (CMS), it is important to clearly understand and define the environment, audience, and goals of your digital signage initiative.

Location, Location, Location

First, how many locations will need the displays: one building or multiple sites throughout the country? For example, at a corporate headquarters, you may want a screen in the main lobby, one in the employee cafeteria, and others at strategic locations throughout the building.

Perhaps you have manufacturing plants and satellite offices to consider as well. Understanding the hardware and networking requirements before you begin will make the process go much smoother while keeping your IT team in the loop and ahead of the game.

Who Are You Targeting?

A great feature with digital signage is that you can tailor your content for different audiences, in different locations, at different times. For instance, a corporate lobby screen may typically have general company or product information playing, but if a client happens to be visiting on a certain day, custom content can be scheduled in advance or changed on the fly for that special VIP treatment.

Likewise, in a store or retail environment, product promotions and specials can be changed daily or even hourly if desired.

Don't Go At It Alone!

Want to get started, but not sure how? The CSI Group can help. We will work closely with you from the beginning and help formulate the best path forward to achieve your specific needs and goals. This includes hardware and CMS recommendations. In addition, we specialize in creating the right content to communicate your message and information clearly and effectively.

For more information about our digital signage solutions, contact us today!

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