Bulova CURV Digital Campaign

With the digital advertising industry growing each year, brands must continue to evolve their digital presence to stay relevant. This past year, The CSI Group collaborated with Bulova in order to do just that and launched a digital campaign to help introduce the world’s first curved chronograph movement: The Bulova CURV Collection. The campaign was launched across desktop, tablet and mobile on a variety of web publications including Sports Illustrated, Men’s Fitness, Golf Digest and others. The CSI Group also launched an out-of-home program for CURV, displaying sleek, eye-catching creative on digital wi-fi stations throughout NYC and London. Since the creative was being pushed across various platforms, it was important that it be developed with the audience behavior in mind.

For creative viewed on desktop versions of websites, CSI had to be mindful that users usually come to websites with a goal already in mind. This often results in brands having a limited window to catch users’ attention. To combat that, CSI developed static banners along with animated banners that incorporated dynamic video content. Following brand guidelines from Bulova’s new ad campaign to ensure brand consistency, CSI built rich media digital banners in standard and custom unit sizes using HTML5. Keeping copy brief to get the message across quickly, CSI’s use of animation was clean and eye-catching. A call to action enticed users of the video, the banner animated again to direct users to click through to the Bulova website. In order to attract on-the-go users, CSI produced tablet and mobile specific banners which utilized shorter and more concise animations. For a greater web impact, CSI also designed website reskins and homepage takeovers to further reinforce the brand message within Bulova’s media plan.

The creative for the digital kiosks in NYC and London were built to attract the eye of the hundreds of pedestrians walking to and from subway stations and on the busy streets of the cities. With that in mind, CSI produced a custom video with fluid watch movements captured in our in-house studio. The animation was concise to keep the viewer’s attention. For brand reinforcement, the Bulova logo was always kept on-screen. The video was then wrapped in HTML5 and pushed to the kiosks creating a seamless user experience.


The CSI Group approaches all creative content with the end user's experience in mind, driving results that work. For help in creating the right content for your next campaign, contact us at hello@thecsigroup.com or visit our website at thecsigroup.com to see what we can do for you.

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