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So, after skimming countless 2024 trend reports and actually reading a few, I took a few moments to digest it all. And I've got a few ideas about what the next year might throw our way. Some of these reports suggest we might take a small breather after all the crazy, fast paced changes we've been dealing with. Which doesn't really sound half bad, right? I mean, everyone I follow is buzzing about the two C’s, community and connection, and how to do this at scale. So this is the golden ticket for brands to craft some killer stories and experiences to reel in their next cohort of fans and keep their existing communities giving a crap. For those in the retail world, brick and mortar stores are also putting community vibes front and center. With stores that encourage people to stay through experiences like playing pool, having a drink, getting their clothes tailored. I mean, you name it. They're coming up with any way possible to keep us in store. And many high-end and mid-tier luxury brands are splurging on flagship stores. These mega stores let consumers feel their brand and experience it in ways like they've never done before. Just check out Tiffany's new flagship in NYC for a good example of that.

And when it comes to digital, brands are upping their brand building efforts. Did you know that 72% of people say that feeling part of a community influences their shopping choices? That's a lot of people. And guess what? Tech is the glue that holds these folks together from all corners of the globe. So, pick the channel that works best for communicating with your tribe and stick to it. 

And I'm not just talking about sending out personalized emails. You need to understand how you fit into your customer's lives and then talk to them on a human level.  2023 was the year when AI strutted its stuff out onto the main stage. Leaving all of us scratching our heads about what 2024 might bring. How to keep AI on a leash, how to enhance our creative genius, and just how much AI meddling can we all stomach. Well, here's hoping 2024 brings us some clarity around all those questions. I mean after all, we're suckers for emotions, right? We crave thrills, secrets, love. I mean, we're practically lost without these things, so I'm hopeful we'll figure this AI thing out in a way that makes sense for all us humans. As the amount of technology grows each day, and we keep cramming more and more in, I'm seeing more and more people crave authentic human interaction, and that's incredible. 

So there's no two ways about it. 2024 is looking pretty darn exciting. Maybe we should take a beat, slow down a little and make some smart choices in 2024. Heaven knows we've got some big ones to make.

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