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The Amazon Holiday Sales Surge

Increased sales on homepage

Increased number of orders

58% increase in visitors to storefront


Citizen, the country's leading mid-priced watch brand, wanted to increase overall sales on their Amazon storefront heading into the holiday season.

Secondary to this objective was to update the overall look and feel of the channel to reflect their latest campaign in a way that was optimized for the Amazon channel.


  • Amazon Storefront Design & Development
  • A+ Content
  • Amazon Channel Branding
  • Creative Content Production

Strategic Approach & Insights

We began with a full audit of both the back and front end of the Citizen Watch Amazon storefront. We discovered that the user flow and experience made it difficult for customers to find the products that fit their tastes.

Many of the product listings were not optimized to take advantage of Amazon’s search algorithm, and there was a lack of effective A+ content, which can be seen on many of the best-performing Amazon storefronts. Finally, the overall experience lacked a storytelling element that has become such an integral part of Citizen’s latest brand campaign.


Our Strategy

A fully enhanced user flow was necessary for Citizen’s Amazon Storefront.

After reviewing several other high-performing mid-tier luxury brand Amazon storefront examples, it became clear that Citizen’s storefront lacked overall aesthetic, design, and content. We created a wireframe that reorganized their Store with pages for each product collection, such as CZ Smart, Promaster, and Ladies, to make it easy for customers to navigate and consider their product offerings.

By adding a new arrivals section and highlights, as well as promoting Amazon exclusive products, we keep Citizen’s shoppers up to date on the brand’s latest product releases and increase brand loyalty. We also heavily implemented sub-pages on the Citizen Watch Amazon storefront to keep the content organized and reduced the amount of product grids that ultimately diminished the user experience and made the product seem cheap and cluttered.

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The Store also needed increased functionality, so an updated navigation and visual hierarchy were integrated through product and lifestyle imagery.

The homepage was re-designed to act as an educational landing spot for the brand. With the new brand campaign recently launched, it was the perfect spot to continue their story and show off their new look and products.

The “above the fold” experience was completely re-done, where we integrated a brand video to show off the full breadth of products that Citizen has to offer. Right below that, we re-worked the navigation to make it easy for users to shop and browse, and find the right product for them. This simplified structure, well-defined navigation, and the integration of product subpages increased dwell time and the overall UX substantially.

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Our Activation

Overskies' in-house team of digital designers was able to infuse Citizen’s latest brand campaign by tying in key elements, preserving the overall brand story, and helping to drive consideration. Each product section and highlight was updated with fresh brand assets designed and produced in-house at Overskies.

Additionally, A+ content was created to tell individual product stories through video, product descriptions, high-quality images and other interactive features. The A+ content helps the Citizen Watch Amazon storefront show up higher in search results, as well as moves viewers to consumers.

The redesigned store was tested with a sample of users to gather feedback and identify any remaining issues prior to launch. The new storefront was then launched prior to the holiday season along with multiple paid campaigns carrying over the new look. The new and improved storefront user experience provided something for consumers at all points of their buying journey.

Increase in sales
increase in dollar sales
more store visitors


Over the course of the holiday season, the redesign of the Citizen Amazon store was a resounding success, with positive feedback from users, and significant benefits for both customers and the business. The combination of paid media and a refreshed storefront has had a noticeable impact, attracting 58% more visitors to the Citizen store on Amazon.

The revised storefront design simplified the consumer’s path to purchase with an impressive 88% increase of sales on the homepage. Additionally, customer engagement has improved, as evidenced by the 8% increase in the number of watches ordered, which resulted in a 10% overall increase in dollar sales. The team's focus on improving the user experience paid off, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, and higher conversion rates, making the redesign of the Citizen store on a great example of what we can achieve for clients on Amazon. 

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