Bulova Digital Plan

A Consumer-Centric Approach to Driving Sales

As with most watch brands, the holiday season is a critical time for Bulova to promote their collections. Bulova’s 2019 holiday goal was two-fold: to raise awareness using high-impact ad units and to continue driving traffic to their e-commerce website.

Overskies was asked to strategically create and produce an array of digital assets in order to help Bulova’s ads stand out during the cluttered advertising time period.


  • Market Research
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Messaging
Bulova Digital Plan

Our Solution

Working with Bulova and their media partner, Overskies started by analyzing the target audience and the platforms the campaign was running across. Given the limited viewing time most digital ads receive, Overskies carefully crafted the messaging and creative to help differentiate Bulova from other ads on the websites.

With the main goal of awareness in mind, we focused on clearly and concisely delivering Bulova’s brand messaging upfront to help engage the potential consumers. Using a mix of male- and female-focused creative, Overskies created and programmed various video, static, and rich media ad units for mobile and desktop.

Bulova Digital Plan
Bulova Digital Plan
Bulova Digital Plan

The Result

The digital campaign ran from November through the end of December on various publications such as Marie Claire, People, Forbes, and Rolling Stone. With a smaller media spend compared to that of the prior year, the campaign surpassed both industry standards and prior year benchmarks.

The entire campaign overdelivered in impressions by 1.4MM, resulting in additional media value worth. The CTR of 2.95% was 9.5x greater than the prior year’s CTR and well above the display CTR benchmark in the Apparel/Accessories category, which was .07%. With a focus on video advertising in some publications such as Forbes, the CTR tripled compared to the year prior.

Focusing on creating concise messaging and creative, Overskies and Bulova were able to greatly improve upon the prior year’s results with less media spend.

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