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Ayla Networks Voice App
Ayla Networks

An Account-Based Approach

The Challenge

Ayla Networks, an IoT company that achieves digital transformation for their consumers by connecting any device to any application, was looking to market their voice skill development service to franchise companies and service providers.


  • Market Research
  • Email Marketing
  • Brand Storytelling
Ayla Networks Voice App Development

Strategic Approach & Insights

With the specific company qualifications that Ayla wanted to prospect, we knew that this campaign would be best executed utilizing account-based marketing tactics.

Before beginning creative development for Ayla's campaign, we researched the pain points of some of the target prospects and how the development of a voice skill would benefit them and their customers.

We also looked into what was currently being offered in the voice skill industry and worked closely with Ayla to craft messaging that relayed their authenticity and differentiated them from their competitors. 

Ayla Networks
Ayla Networks
Ayla Networks

Our Solution

Overskies utilized B2B databases to curate and optimize a prospect list of service providers and franchise contacts who could benefit from voice skill development and establish long-lasting relationships with Ayla. 

We then executed a complete marketing campaign which utilized a variety of creative elements to showcase the benefits of voice skills. The main outreach was a targeted email campaign that drove prospects to a landing page containing an infographic explaining the benefits of voice skill development, a how-it-works diagram, and guidelines allowing businesses to determine if they were a good fit. 

To keep Ayla top-of-mind and allow for other pathways to the landing page, we also created programmatic display and native advertisements. These ads would retarget those who visited the landing page through the email and would also appear on sites where prospects would be browsing online. LinkedIn messaging ads were developed as an additional followup for those who did not take action through the email outreach. 

Ayla Networks
Ayla Networks
Ayla Networks

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