Hey, Mizco! We made this just for you.

In these challenging times, brands have to be tough. Your ToughTested line of products has really inspired us.

So, we found the biggest, strongest guy we know and tested their toughness ourselves.

The results are in. They passed the test!

Mizco x CSI

You may be wondering — what's this all about?

As we put your products through a tough test of our own, we couldn’t help but notice all the similarities we share.

Mizco has been a leader in consumer electronics for more than 30 years. The CSI Group has been a leading New Jersey creative agency for roughly 30 years.

Mizco is known for keeping at the forefront of the ever-changing industry. CSI is an always-evolving agency that is all-in on staying in front of today’s marketing and advertising trends.  

With 7 diverse brands in its portfolio, Mizco has a lengthy history of successful retail partnerships. CSI has long-standing relationships with a wide range of clients that specialize in consumer products including Citizen Watch Group, Castrol, Crestron, Ansell, and more.

Each Mizco brand is tailored for success in each unique retail channel. CSI specializes in helping clients connect with today's customers by strengthening their brand presence across multiple channels with a focus on digital.

mizco-channel diagram

We see a lot of ourselves in Mizco: local, progressive, agile, and tough! 

We would love to chat with you and come back with a program that meets your business needs and helps you through these uncertain times. This would be a free, no-hassle consultation at your convenience.

Ready to put CSI to the test?

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Brand Storytelling

Imaginative visualizations and creative campaigns that surround your audience with meaningful stories and experiences.

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Strategic end-to-end video production and advertising campaigns geared to engage and convert.

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Retail & Event Experiences

From interactive content and A/R to virtual trade shows and more, we produce experiences that resonate.

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Demand Generation

Data-driven creative content experiences for your products and services that convert.

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Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

Virtual sales programs, creative content experiences, and supportive analytics to help support your sales team.

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Account-Based Marketing

Personalized experiences specifically targeted at your key accounts — this is how we increase conversions.

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In 2019, CSI’s clients saw their digital engagement metrics triple compared to the industry average.

Some of Our Work

How We Do It

Nothing at CSI is done halfway or half-heartedly. We respond, we’re attentive, and we give a damn. It’s why we've been around for over 26 years, and why some of our clients have stayed with us for more than two decades.

When You Need Us

When You Need Us

For brands that need to fill an immediate project-based need in order to launch an important campaign or brand activation.

Part of Your Team

Part of Your Team

For brands that need to augment their in-house team, relieve ongoing bandwidth issues, and elevate their creative and brand assets.

Leading the Way

Leading the Way

For brands seeking a full-service partnership, from consumer research to marketing strategy to creative direction and production.

What People Are Saying

"They are fast, efficient, and reliable. They actually care about what is in the best interest of my business, goals, and objectives. They are customer-centric, and that’s why I continue to use—and will only use—The CSI Group."
Brian Cumming, Pro Segment Marketing Manager
Benjamin Moore Paints
"Working with The CSI Group has been a pleasure...all insightful, all on-time, and all good fun!”

Michael Yount, Director of Merchandising
Solstice Sunglasses

"The principal goal of any Creative Manager is to offer up visually innovative solutions to communication objectives. CSI has become a critical part of this process at Konica Minolta.”

Ted Brolsma, Creative Services Manager
Konica Minolta

"The trust test as to the quality of their work comes from our sales force and end customers, who are always pleased with the end results!"

Matt DiPaulo, OEM Trade Marketing Manager
BP Lubricants USA Inc.

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Mizco, let's talk about you.

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