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Market Trends Affecting the Automation and AI Industries

The events of 2020 changed the way we live and work, and no change has been more obvious than the increased reliance on technology and AI-based automation, in particular. While many companies adapted to continue operating through COVID, the increased reliance on technology highlighted the importance of more sophisticated enterprise automation solutions.

We took a look at the most significant shifts over the last twelve months, and how they affect the way enterprise automation companies need to approach these new high-demand markets. Here's what we found.

The Industry Trends


The AI market is growing at unprecedented speeds, with expected annual growth of 33.2% between now and 2027.


Connectivity for remote workers and restructured offices has changed drastically, increasing the need for automated solutions to support IT teams.


31% of businesses have fully automated at least one solution, but more than twice as many are piloting or preparing to pilot new initiatives this year.

So, what does this mean for enterprise automation companies?

AI-based automation companies face a growing need to educate new customers on the ever-evolving benefits they offer, and they must communicate clearly how their solutions can help address timely issues all companies face.

Solutions To Consider

Brand Positioning & Awareness

It's important to position your solution as one that offers superior protection and reliability, especially to prospects who have never faced these types of threats before.

Marketing strategies such as content syndication, programmatic advertising, and SEM will enable your company to get in front of niche, qualified audiences without wasting budget on non-relevant eyeballs.

Content Strategy, Creation & Deployment

Create personalized, interactive, and informative content experiences that educate customers on threats and how your solutions can help keep them safe.

This content should also show them how implementation will take place so they can see the ease of a rollout. These concepts can be conveyed through interactive infographics and explainer videos.

Account-Based Marketing & Lead Generation

Build upon your current marketing strategy using approaches that are geared toward helping you quickly cut through the noise and break through with the right decision-makers at the most qualified accounts.

The formula for success is using a tiered ABM approach to attract these accounts and nurture them with the right cadence of relevant content touches using automation.


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