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Market Trends Affecting the Robotics Industry

As the world becomes more automated and brands onboard technology to keep up with demand, this presents an opportunity for industries like robotics. Being able to capitalize on this changing landscape and the host of new customers seeking robotic solutions, will require a smart marketing approach.

We took a look at the most significant insights being forecasted along with customer expectation data, and what types of customers have increased their demand for robotics moving forward. Here's what we found.

The Industry Trends

88% of businesses plan to adopt robotic automation into their infrastructure, with smaller and mid-sized manufacturing companies representing a huge portion of that growth within the industry.

Medical and health, e-commerce, and automotive will be 3 of the fastest growing sectors in the robotics industry moving forward.

The top drivers triggering investment in robotics automation include: reducing costs (82%), improving quality (55%), increasing productivity (54%), and enabling production flexibility (49%).

So, what does this mean for robotics companies?

Growth-minded robotics companies will require the agility to pivot and begin selling to new types of customers including up-and-coming small to mid-sized companies and new growth sectors. They will increase their chances of successfully breaking through to new clients by understanding and addressing their robotics needs and concerns head-on.

Solutions To Consider

New Customer Discovery & Prospecting

Whether you're looking to just find new types of customers or have big plans to break into a completely new sector, this is where a solid approach to research and the utilization of prospecting technology will play a crucial role in finding companies in need of robotics solutions.

A combination of an industry survey, key stakeholder interviews, and secondary industry research can serve as a solid foundation of data.

Lead Generation & Account-Based-Marketing

Build upon your current marketing strategy using approaches that are geared toward helping you quickly cut through the noise and break through with the right decision-makers at the most qualified accounts.

The formula for success is using a tiered ABM approach to attract these accounts and nurture them with the right cadence of relevant content touches using automation.

Content Strategy & Communications Planning

Hit all the right notes with a personalized content strategy that explicitly spells out the benefits of robotics adoption using interactive and dynamic content formats.

Interactive infographics and 3D video animation are ideal to showcase how your company’s robotics solutions can easily integrate into workflows in the short term and reduce overhead costs and boost productivity in the long term.


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