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Market Trends Affecting the SaaS Industry

The events of the past year have changed the perception of SaaS offerings. Your clients are in “do we need it?” mode as they work with fewer resources. Expectations are also very high, and SaaS companies that aren’t showing how their technology provides value are having a tough time retaining clients. It’s a lot to chew on!

We've taken a look at the most significant shifts over the last twelve months, and how they affect the way SaaS companies need to approach these high-demand markets. Here's what we found.

The Industry Trends

Rapid market growth is creating intense competition. In 2021, the enterprise SaaS market is expected to grow by $120 billion.

Coming out of the COVID-related downturn, many companies are still working with reduced budgets and less internal bandwidth.

As the breadth of SaaS solutions grows, your customers may jump ship or attempt to build internal solutions if they are dissatisfied with your platform.

So what does this mean for SaaS companies?

SaaS marketers face a growing challenge to differentiate from the competition while educating customers in niche markets on ever-evolving product features and benefits.

These communications need to take into account that customers are working with reduced budgets and staff, and they need to clearly display how the platform creates efficiencies and saves them money over time.

Solutions To Consider

Brand Positioning & Awareness

It's important to position your product as one that adds value and reduces costs.

Marketing strategies such as content syndication, programmatic advertising, and SEM will enable your brand to get in front of niche audiences without wasting budget on non-relevant eyeballs.

Content Strategy & Interactive Experiences

Create personalized, interactive, and informative content experiences that educate customers on how your product will make their lives easier and save them time and money. Think cost savings calculators or explainer videos that outline relevant efficiencies.

Through creative automation techniques, you can also personalize this content at scale to do true 1:1 outreach, further differentiating you from the competition.

Account-Based Marketing & Retention

Creating an account targeting strategy that dictates the level of time and investment each account will receive from an ABM standpoint is critical.

This makes organizing your funnels simpler and allows you to create loyalty campaigns that leverage your CRM data to provide a personal and friendly touch, boosting retention and bottom-line revenue.


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