Solstice Sunglasses Holiday Launch

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Overskies recently designed an in-store and digital holiday campaign for our client, Solstice Sunglasses. Overskies created in-store elements, which included window signage, pedestal displays, counter cards and more to help promote the campaign. Online promotional elements were designed in tandem to drive consumer traffic into the retail stores.

Solstice wanted the campaign to visually encompass the holiday season, while incorporating elements of glamour and sparkle. In order to meet their needs, Overskies developed strategies for creative messaging, overall design and product photography concepts.

Brand new styles from Gucci, Dior and Jimmy Choo were featured in the campaign, which were photographed at Overskies' in-house photo studio. Professional lighting techniques and props were used to produce the effect of elevated sunglasses on a mound of diamonds. Our photo team and designers collaborated throughout the process to ensure the photos were aesthetically pleasing, detailed and inventive.

The “Indulge in Luxury” campaign was officially launched on Black Friday 2014 and will run throughout the holiday season. Developing the campaign was a true group effort and required the expertise of Overskies team members from various departments. From messaging, creative design, photography and strategy, the project clearly showcases Overskies' strengths and ability to produce incredible work.

Producing compelling campaigns requires advanced planning to ensure business objectives are met. Whether you're looking to drive traffic online, boost conversions or evolve branding and marketing strategies, Overskies can help achieve your goals.

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